Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Agumbe – The Road not Taken …

It all started when vivek and me were discussing how to spend our long weekend. We had 4 days break from office. I did not get tickets to Coimbatore. So I decided that we will have to do some thing really useful for the 4 days. Then I spoke to vivek regarding this and he too said he was not goin home so we decided to go out for some adventure.

From my friend Aravind, I came to know of this place agumbe. He had told about the water rafting and trekking that he had done there. So I decided that we have to do this yaar…

When I spoke to viv regarding this he said yes from the start. But still we were only 2 persons and had to convince others to join. So viv spoke to Sharad and Abi regarding this and they too were really interested. Mean while I got to know that some of my friends @ Oracle were also planning to make it. So on Thursday I came to know that sharad and abi dropped out…I was really pissed off… cause they came up with excuses after excuses… well guys u really missed hell of a time @ agumbe… sorry dude … next time hope u make up u r mind and join us…. J. Nay way, I spoke one of my friend called…you know wat his name is incidently called abhishek…. Strange isn’t it ????. so I was deligeted to know that 9 of the guys from office were about to do the same trip…. Now I was happy, after speaking to vivek about this, we joined the gang…. “ BHAI LOG” that’s wat I called them… “ BAND OF BROTHERS”.

On Thursday, me abi bhai met with anand ( this guy is really kewl yaar…) and decided the strategy as how to make this trip a memorable one. It was decided that we will be leaving Bangalore by 8pm on Friday night.

On Friday night @ 8 we started sharp….hehhhehehehe…. I think we did… J. I had met some people on that day but to vivek all were strangers… after picking all the guys on the way, we had a small introduction so that we were comfortable with each other. The “BHAI LOG” were like this vivek, abhi, anand, mohit, amit, vikas, uday, naga, vivek bhai, Ankur and finally me. Let me tell u guys, this was one of the best group I had been with. In spite of the different background we gelled together easily… vivek was having some difficulty cause we were conversing in Hindi. So the journey started to agumbe, some 400kms from Bangalore

Early Saturday morning we were woken up by a strange noise… we thought we were @ the destination… all the bhai log got out to find out that our TT got stuck in mud. For the first time we acted as a team… we put all our effort and pushed the TT to safety… abi bhai was so excited that he took foto of the hole on the road…heheheheh… we were back on track to the destination but nature had other thoughts… we came to know that due to heavy rain the road was closed. So we asked the driver to take an alternative… finally we reached agumbe @ 7 am in the morning.

On reaching we found out that we were the first team to raft there that day. It was raining cats and dogs but we were in full spirits. On that day, the guides for rafting were Manjunath and Kamal. Manju was the founder of the club and kamal had come from Nepal. They were really awesome. We were taught how to handle our self incase of emergency. Then the guides gave us command and we followed them. The rafting was of 3 parts. The one I like the most was the rapids were the water gushed out rapidly… we covered the 12km distance in a little over 1 hour. Guys were really excited that some on them jumped into the water just for fun… vivek was one of them … way to go dude…

So after rafting we left to malpe beach. We made our stay in udupi in a hotel called Ramakrishna. After having a scintillating lunch, we were off to malpe around 15 kms. There we started playing football. All of sudden it rained. Some guys headed for shelter while some continued. After the rain stopped, we had some gr8 companies… hehehhe…. Some 20-50 school gals had come all the way to the beach. We were like wwwwwwwwowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….. heheheh… I had really gr8 fun ;). Naga was curious and asked a gal where she came from, etc. we got a cold shoulder. We took it jovially. But when the gal asked about us … its was tit for tat…. Heheheh that was a good one naga… so after bird watching for hours… we had to leave to the hotel as our stomach was rumbling again with hunger. After dinner we had a gr8 sleep.

Next day me and anand went early to the udupi temple. We got a gr8 dharshan. After that we all left to nature camp again. Luckly other gangs were there so we dint hire any guides. The first part of the trekking was really gr8… it was like walking in the plains. We came across a river, we crossed it on a single log bridge… really scary guys real scary… after that it was the leach infested jungle between us and the falls. We started with all enthu….and it started raining. On way to the falls, leaches were biting us… first I was looking for them. After trekking for some time I dint mind them at all… after 3 hrs we reached the falls. Goooooooooodddddddddd it was really worth all the effort. We spent some 20 mins there and trekked back again.

After reaching base camp, we left straight to shimoga for dinner. After finishing dinner we left back for Bangalore. It was really an awesome experience. 2 days went off in a jiffy. Made new friends. Strengthened old ones… so make this tale short…. Agumbe was really hmmmm…. A Mystic Falls ….